Night Loader

Skeff Distributing

job description

This position is responsible for loading truck for the next day's deliveries.  This includes loading orders, properly putting pallets on trucks, handling paperwork and keeping warehouse standards as laid out by Skeff Dist. and AB-InBev. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Order Processing (for those who are trained) 

  • Check Salesman's orders, select and process the orders

  • Generate invoices and send to Driver's handhelds. 

  • Generate night reports. 

  • Scan and email key list and off-day deliveries by 5 p.m. to Sr. VP, Sales & Marketing Director, Information Systems, and Director of Delivery & Service Operations

  • Out-of-Stock reports completed at 5 and 8 p.m. 

  • Sales by salesman completed at 8 p.m.

  • Sales by Route completed at 8 p.m. 

  • Back Order reports (3) completed at 8 p.m. 

  • Sync Driver handhelds after all invoices have been generated. 

Truck Staging and Loading

  • Practice accurate product rotation. 

  • Check Close-Dated products in drive through.

  • Retrieve and scan picks sheets/load sheets for the night to ensure accurate picking statistics. 

  • Determine if any special instructions are on the sheets

  • Note any Out-of-Stock or package changes and make a notation on the sheets. 

  • Check mark each package when putting them on the pallet or loading the truck. 

  • Wrap orders when necessary. 

  • Mark pallets with note pads, including the pallet number and pallet count for the pick sheet (1-5, 2/5 etc.)

  • Ensure accurate loading.

  • Ensure adherence to weight restrictions for the trucks

  • Manage out-of-sequence deliveries (off-day deliveries)

  • Coordinate loads to make deliveries as efficient as possible (first on, last off). 

  • Load draught (if ordered) on truck.

  • Summer months (draught on back of truck). 

  • Winter months (draught with normal load). 

  • Load pallet jacks, handcarts and secure the load. 

  • Initial all pick sheets. 

  • Put pick sheets in the appropriate driver's mailbox. 


  • Facilitate a shift change meeting to communicate with the Day Shift, ensuring a smooth Night Shift transition.

  • Communicate with Lee on truck issues and substitutions. 

  • Stay in contact with: 

    • Salesmen about orders, displays, etc. 

    • Director of Operations for special events and/or issues with truck weight. 

  • Communicate with drivers (ex: Call drivers about stacking two stops to ensure time, space and trips are saved in making the delivery). 

  • Ensure after-hour warehouse emails are being answered. 

  • Communicate to Sr. Director of Warehouse Operations any issues evolving throughout the evening. 

  • Communicate on-the-job injuries to Director of Operations & CFO or VP of Administration & Controller. 

End of Shift Activity

  • Close out the night: 

  • Clean up the warehouse.

  • Put the necessary paperwork in the drivers' boxes. 

  • Pull all vehicles and equipment into the warehouse

  • Monitor safety precautions for all employees.

General Warehouse Duties

  • Stack empties

  • Continuously clean and straighten the warehouse (plastic wrap, spillage, etc.). 

  • Place breakage in the proper area (in the Repack Room, not the garbage cans).

  • Practice truck and equipment safety. 

  • Time management

  • Do the job right the first time. 

  • Control/reduce product breakage.

All Other Duties as Assigned

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business: Skeff Distributing
address: 3585 E. L & A Industrial Dr.
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